Sometimes, ordinary plastic bags fall short of the job of disposing the waste you have been meaning to get rid of for days. It might be that you have decided to clean your house and have found tonnes of garbage that has been accumulating space for quite some time. For such kind of waste, it is better to hire a skip to save time and money. In some cases, skip hire services also offer strong plastic bags that can hold up to one tonne of waste. This gives you the ease of separating the waste and organising them in categories for optimum space. A skip also gives you the benefit of disposing things that are too big and cannot be thrown in the trash bin. Following are five situations where hiring a skip gives you the benefit of quickly organizing the waste and keeping your house clean:

1.     When You Are Relocating

Moving to a new place can be quite stressful. You are already too emotional with the thoughts of leaving a place that is associated with so many memories and the stress of packing can get to you. A house in disarray with things everywhere, it becomes difficult to decide what area needs your focus first. At this time, you are bound to come across many things that you might not need in your new home. Granted, some things can be donated to charity, which is all well and good but things that are too old and tattered will do no good. Things such as broken furniture, general waste, paper and cardboard, toys and plastic require a lot of space and cannot be stuffed into trash bags. Here, by hiring a skip, you can collect all the waste in one place and get rid of it at once. Not only will you save money on your constant trips to the dump yard, you will also be able to dispose everything easily and in a cost effective way.

2.     When Spring Cleaning

That blow up doll you bought when you were out partying with your friends or that ceramic head of a well-known poet you bought when you were drunk and spending money recklessly might not look much of a sane decision when you look at it closely. For some, spring cleaning is the time to get rid of old and unused things, whereas for some it is to start new by getting rid of old memories. Whatever the case might be, a skip is the best thing you can hire to get rid of rubbish that is piling up in every room. A skip between the sizes of 2 to 6 cubic yard will do the trick quite well and will dispose everything in one go.

3.     Renovating Your Home

Admit it, we all love DIY projects. There’s something invigorating in building a gazebo or your backyard fence with your own hands. However, DIY projects can get real messy quickly. Since we are not professionals, there’s always a possibility that we won’t be able to build anything in one go. Here’s where it gets real dangerous because the pieces of woods lying around and bent nails can be quite dangerous. Why not dispose these things as you make progress? Whether you are constructing something or demolishing a wall that might make your room spacious, it is important to clean everything as you proceed. This is where a skip comes as a saviour. Waste such as bricks, metal rods and wood can be thrown in to the skip. As the renovation proceeds, the skip will look like a godsend when you will find your way free of clutter.

4.     Garage Cleaning

Most people treat their garage as a place where all the rubbish they do not need at the moment can be stored. Basically, we have our own house dumping ground and we say we don’t have any more room for storage! Do not even think about moving it to a storage facility because once you decide to go through it, you will find many things that is nothing but trash. Of course, garage cleaning usually involves big metal things and boxes and therefore, requires a big skip. Luckily, skips comes in various sizes from 2 to 16 cubic yard that are lifted by a machine and 15 to 40 cubic yard roll on and roll off skips. Plus, most of the waste is recycled, so you do not have to worry about your carbon footprint.

5.     Gardening

One of the messiest jobs that require a skip is when you are trying to restore the garden. Again, a DIY job such as this involves a lot of dirt, which includes cutting hedges and trees, planting new flowerbeds and weeding. The weeds might look small but once you start pulling them out, they can pile within an hour. However, most people usually through the soil directly into the skip. If you factor in wind and bumpy roads, it might cause the soil to spill or get carried away with the wind. This is why it is recommended to bag the soil and weed into plastic bags and do not fill the skip to the top. In situations such as these, a skip benefits you in a lot of ways. However, there are certain things that cannot be tossed in the skip such as electrical appliances, asbestos, aerosols, gas canisters, raw meat products, paint, oils and liquids, hazardous waste and tyres. A skip comes as a reliable service for hire because these companies have licences to dispose the waste and also have connections to recycle depots for preserving the environment.

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