Using skip hire services for hiring a skip can be a brilliant way to get rid of all of the excess garbage that is lying around your home.

Whether you are cleaning up your garden, disposing off old furniture or even simply creating more space by throwing away things you do not need, hiring a skip can be very efficient and convenient.

There are many benefits of using a skip hire services for your clean-up needs. Not only do you save a significant amount of time and effort as compared to disposing off the garbage yourself, but you can have the work done with much more efficiency as well. However, all of these benefits come at a cost. Although the cost of hiring a skip service of lower than what you may spend if you choose to do it yourself, it can still go as high as £200 to £300.

That is a significant amount of money, even despite all the convenience that comes with it. Chances are that you may not need to spend so much on it at all.

Ways to Save Money on Skip Services

As with almost any service, there are several ways you can save money when you decide to hire a skip. Simply follow the instructions below to not only be much more efficient yourself, but save some money as well.

1) Select the Appropriate Sized Skip

Often, it happens that a person hires a skip that is too large for the amount of rubbish that they need to dispose off. This costs them much more than it should as bigger skips are charged higher than smaller ones.

The most common sizes for skips are 4 yards to 8 yards, with the latter only suitable for use if you have an exceptionally large amount of waste that you need to get rid of.

A solution to this would be to collect all of your disposable items in one place so as to know the exact amount of waste you have on your hands. Next, either look online for a skip size comparison or approximate the size of the skip you will need yourself, and hire one accordingly.

2) Separate the items that cannot be disposed off in a skip

There are various items such as batteries, canisters and broken electronic gadgets that cannot be put into landfills. This is due to their potentially harmful material content, for example the lithium ion batteries used in mobile devices and the propellant gases used in spray canisters.

These items have to be disposed elsewhere, which is why skip services usually charge more for the extra effort. You can either put these into a recycling bin near your house or hand them over to a recycling service.

Alternately, if you have any items that are in working condition and simply in need of a repair, do not dispose them and instead, continue your usage of them in order to save money on both the skip service and the purchase of a new, similar item.

3) Donate reusable items

There are usually multiple reusable items that people dispose off with the rest of the rubbish. Toys, old clothes, utensils, sometimes even working electronics are thrown away in this manner. This, besides contributing to the total volume of the wastage, warrants the usage of a much larger skip that will inevitably cost more.

You can reduce the amount of your waste and thus save money on hiring a skip by separating such items and donating them to shelters and/or charity organisations.

There are several NGOs as well as community shelters that are constantly in need of such items. You can therefore save money while benefitting the community along the way.

4) Compare prices online

Another money-saving tactic is to compare the prices of several skip hiring services online and get the one that offers the best service at the lowest price. If you have a small home, then a similarly small-scale service would be most suitable for you.

Following these tips will guarantee that you save a sizeable sum while using a skip service. It is better to choose a service that is local and exclusive to your area as well. These services tend to be on the smaller size and so, are much more affordable than larger companies that cover several cities.

5) Book the skip service in advance

Skip services, the majority of them anyway, operate on a time based costing principle. This means that if you hire a skip on an urgent basis, the company will more often than not, charge you extra.

Booking a skip service anywhere from a week to 10 days in advance can help to significantly lower the service charges of most skip services. This can be further aided by preparing for the waste clearance several days or weeks in advance as well.

6) Sell potentially valuable items

In case you have a large heap of items that you need cleared, it is a good idea to rummage through and check to see if there is something amidst it that might possess value.

These items can then be sold for some profit, which will definitely contribute towards the payment to the skip service. Examples of such items are used furniture that is in considerably better condition, antique items such as old décor and artworks.

There are a number of online selling sites and in case of exceptionally valuable items, auction houses that can provide a wonderful financial opportunity. Therefore you will benefit vastly by going through the entirety of your collected garbage, just in case there is something valuable within.

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