In order for any business or construction site to operate legally, they have to dispose of their waste, or better known as trade waste, appropriately. This is a legal obligation and moral obligation on these ventures to dispose their waste in an environmentally friendly manner. If they do not manage their waste appropriately, they can be penalised with heavy fines and courts can even pass a motion to stop the operation of the business if they keep harming the environment by neglecting their waste.

This is exactly why it is imperative that every office and construction site manages their waste appropriately or risk heavy law suits. On the other hand, managing waste is no easy task. Businesses and construction sites will have to not only transport the waste to a designated site but will also have to accumulate the waste in an appropriate manner. This will require substantial time and not to mention transportation costs and waste disposal costs. However, a business and construction site can hire a skip hire service to make their lives much easier.

Construction Waste

Construction waste is the materials accumulated from repair, building or demolition of a solid structure. Since this type of waste is a by-product of commercial projects, local bodies classify it as commercial waste instead of standard domestic waste. This type of waste cannot be disposed off at local recycling facilities and have to be sent to a third party disposal facilitation centre. So, the only way such projects can efficiently dispose their waste is through a skip hire service. But before hiring a skip hire service, you should consider the following points

  • The best size of skips for construction waste

There are numerous sizes of skips that skip hire services offer. For domestic settings, a standard skip is appropriate but for construction waste a large skip will be required. The most effective skip for construction waste is the aptly named Builder’s Skip: this has the potential of 8 cubic yards and can carry approximately 8000KG. This type of skip has specifically been designed for construction waste such as paving stones, bricks and other by-products of commercial projects. If the construction project is on a very large scale, then extra large skips are also available. However, they are offered at a more expensive price.

  • How to hire an effective skip hire service for construction waste

These days it is difficult to hire a skip hire service that provides sublime services at an appropriate rate, especially in the case of construction waste. Most companies tend to overcharge their clients for waste disposal, as they understand that construction sites require constant waste management to operate. So in order to hire a skip hire service that can efficiently and effectively dispose of construction waste you have to make sure they are licensed by the environmental agency and the local approved waste carrier. It is also recommended that people should contact multiple service providers before entering into a contract with a skip hire service. You will also have to take into perspective the amount of waste that is accumulated and the time frame in which the skip hire service will dispose of the waste. Another aspect that should be considered by construction sites is that due to the dexterity of their work, these sites already have heavy machinery present and often lack space for a skip. In these cases, they will have to obtain a license from the local council to keep the skip on the road or footpath.

Office Waste

Office waste is defined as all of those materials that are produced when an office closes, renovates or relocates. Some of the items which are considered office waste are furniture, fixtures, paper work and other materials. Hiring a specialist clearance contractor to dispose of the waste is no doubt effective but you can save a substantial amount of money by hiring a skip hire service instead. But, before you hire one, there are certain factors which should be considered. These factors are as follows:

  • Separate office waste from other materials

The first factor that should be taken into perspective is that not all the materials accumulated should be considered waste. There are many items that will have monetary value and can be sold to raise funds to hire the skip hire service. Besides this, certain materials can come in handy in the future so these should be separated from the waste as well. The remaining materials should be disposed off through a skip hire service.

  • Determine the size, quantity and the hire period

Before entering into a contract with a skip hire service, it is imperative that you determine how much waste can be accumulated. This will help you gauge how many skips will be required to get the job done. Another factor that should be considered is the time frame in which the waste will be accumulated, so if it takes two days to fill one skip, the other skip should be collected after two days as well. Also, determine the classification of the waste that is being accumulated, if it is of a small quantity then it can be classified as domestic waste which can be disposed off at a nominal rate.

  • Contact multiple skip hire services

After you take the above factors into consideration, you can consider hiring a skip hire service. Never make the common mistake of hiring the first skip hire service you come across. You should get multiple quotes before deciding. This will help you choose the most cost effective service and also the most efficient skip service. Also, make sure that the skip hire companies that you have contacted are licensed by the environment agency and are approved by an approved waste carrier. If they are not licensed or approved, they are operating illegally which can have severe consequences.

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