Despite the very common usage of skips in the UK, a false notion of using skips tends to prevail. A lot of people, most of whom haven’t used skips, think that using a skip just might not be a great idea. If you are also among the people who think that hiring skips doesn’t bring much ease, here are certain aspects that you need to consider.Skip Hire Prices

Great Utility

One of the best things about using a skip is that it brings along a great amount of utility. To start off, you don’t have to go off the property in order to dump waste regularly. Even if you do, the skip in usually placed right next to your property so you don’t have to carry the waste any further. Same is the case when a skip is used at a construction site.

Since the bin is placed close to the construction area, Workers don’t have to take the rubble far from the place. In short, having a large bin right there at your disposal adds to the already great utility of skip bins.

The Ease

For some reason, people think that hiring a skip would add to their work. In reality, things are the other way around. Instead of adding to your work, it eases the burden off by a great margin. Apart from the fact that you don’t have to carry large piles of material waste to the public bin, you also don’t have to worry about the capacity.

Skip bins come in various sizes which means that you can opt for the one that suits your needs the best. For instance, for regular maintenance works, you can hire a smaller sized skip while for commercial construction sites, large 12-yard skips are also available.

Environmental Safety

People in the UK are often concerned about the effects of a certain business on the environment. They think that skip hire companies don’t consider the stability of environment while disposing of the waste. This is, by all means, false. The reason being that almost every other skip hire company in the UK is green! These companies make sure that they do not cause harm to the environment at any stage of the process from dropping the skip to unloading it into the landfills.

Cost-Efficient Alternative

There is no doubt in the fact that hiring a skip is a highly cost effective alternative to go for. Think of all the trouble you would have to go through if you don’t hire a skip to get rid of the rubbish on your property. First off, you will need to make sure that you have a large container big enough to accommodate all the rubbish and wastage.

In case you don’t have any, you will have to dispose it all in public bins which are far too small to cater to large amounts of wastage. On the other hand, if you have a large-enough container, you will have hire transport to get the container off of your property and transfer to the landfills. Bear in mind that you also have to pay a fair amount to use these landfills. Adding the cost of getting a large container, hiring a transport vehicle, and paying for the landfills makes a great amount.

Instead, you can simply hire a skip bin from a skip hire company and let them take care of everything. All you would need to do is call them to drop the skip bin and then to pick it up when filled. This is a highly pocket-friendly alternative, not to mention a hassle-free one as well.


Did you know that most of the trash you fill a skip bin with, goes into recycling? Talk about a skip hire company being environmental friendly! When the skip hire company takes away the skip, it ensures if there is any material that can be recycled. Since there are restrictions on what you can put into a skip bin, most of the wastage is recyclable. In other words, most of the material you dispose of is reused.

It’s A Great Idea!

Taking into consideration all the above-mentioned factors, it is for a fact that hiring a skip can be a great alternative to go for. Not only will you be able to enjoy great ease, but will also be able to keep a major portion of your hard-earned money in your pockets. This is a key reason why skip hire companies are so popular in the UK.

Hiring a Skip

While a lot is great about hiring a skip, there are certain things that you need to bear in mind prior to getting one. While choosing a company to hire a skip from, make sure that you do have an idea about the time you will need a skip for. Hiring a skip for a week and extending its duration to more than a week will cost you more as opposed to getting one for two weeks in the first place.

Furthermore, you should also have an idea about the type of skip that you need to hire. You can choose between an open and a covered skip in addition to the different sizes. Knowing your needs in advance will help you pick the perfect size and keep a good sum of your money in your pockets.

Moreover, another thing that you need to ensure is that the things you will be using a skip for are allowed to be disposed of in it. There is a wide range of hazardous materials that cannot be disposed of in a skip

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