In the UK, hiring a skip is a common occurrence. People hire a skip for many different reasons. Some get it for use during a residential construction project; others hire a skip for commercial construction sites. However, the notion that skips can only be hired for construction work is false. Skips can be hired for any work that is likely to produce large amounts of rubbish.

If you are thinking about having your house refurbished, hire a skip to dispose of the junk, and begin the project. However, when you hire a skip bin, there are certain restrictions that you have to follow so that hazardous material doesn’t end up in the landfills.

While most of the waste can end up in a skip, you can recycle aluminum and paper products to save the environment. According to an estimate, if all of the aluminum cans in the United Kingdom were recycled, the need for regular public dustbins would decrease by a staggering 14,000,000 units. In other words, you can benefit more by recycling the material that can be recycled while only discarding things that are of no value.

Things You Can Dispose

If you don’t know what things you can dispose in a skip, don’t worry! It has been established that you should definitely recycle the material that can be recycled, but for the rest, you are not allowed to throw the following things in a skip.

  • Asbestos
  • Batteries
  • Solvents and paints
  • Medical waste
  • Plasterboard

These are only a few of the things that are not allowed to be disposed off inside a skip.


Areas of Use

Now that you know what you can and cannot be put inside a skip bin, it is time to let you in on how you can make the most of a skip during a home-refurbishment project.


Did you know that even regular garden cleaning can result in a large amount of waste? Imagine if you take on a gardening project to completely revamp your garden. The amount of waste produced will be too much for a regular bin to handle. By hiring a skip, you can easily amass the waste inside the bin without any trouble.


Even though you are not building your house from the ground up, a large amount of material waste is imminent. Furthermore, this waste is not small enough in quantity to be accommodated by a regular bin. This is where a skip bin comes into play. Regardless of the size you opt for, there is more than enough space in it to cater to the refurbishment waste.


Rubble and debris are not the only things you can dispose off during home refurbishment. There is a lot of other junk as well that needs to be thrown away. This includes useless items from the garage and store room, and old disposable furniture from the various rooms. Regular bins are far too small to cater to all this junk, let alone the other waste mentioned above.

Therefore, to make sure everything is disposed off in a proper manner, you need to hire a skip. Even the smallest of skips offers a large storage area where you can accumulate all of your waste.

Why Hire a Skip?

Your home-refurbishment project will become smoother if you hire a skip. Following are a few ways in which hiring a skip bin will help.

Ease of Use

It is quite obvious why skip bins are so popular in the UK. The core benefit of hiring a skip at residential or commercial work sites is the ease of use that they tend to offer.


To add to the already great ease a skip offers, the hiring processes are also quite simple. You can simply reach out to a company that you want to hire a skip from. As you brief them about your potential use, they will refer the best possible size and the duration for which you should get the skip. Unless you require a permit—in case you plan on offloading the skip anywhere off your property—hiring a skip can be a job of a mere few minutes.

No Headaches

While undergoing a home renovation project, you already have a lot to worry about. You wouldn’t want to add to that by worrying about where you will throw all of the accumulated waste. This is where a skip bin helps you. It takes the burden off your chest. When your skip is full, all you need is to give a call to the company you hired it from. They will come to pick the skip bin up and discard all the waste at a landfill.

The best thing about it is that Skip Hire companies in the UK ensure that they don’t harm the environment at any stage of the process. This is also part of the reason why there are so many restrictions on what you can throw in a skip in the first place.

Pocket-Friendly Alternative

The last thing you would want is to take care of all the rubbish on the refurbishment site. You need to pick the rubble up, contain it in a container, and find a landfill site to dispose it off. In addition to the excessive amount of work all this brings, doing all of that by yourself will also cost you a lot. You will have to pay to the landfill sites, acquire labor or machinery to pick the rubble and waste, and need transportation as well to take the waste material to a landfill.

On the contrary, hiring a skip is a highly affordable alternative. You can get the job done with no hassle and by paying a lot less than you would otherwise. Different companies offer skips for different time durations. You can get one for a week or even for a month. However, knowing the time in advance for which you’d need the skip can save you more money. For instance, it will cost you lesser to get a skip for two weeks in the first place than to get a skip of one week and then extending the use.

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