Are you planning a summer cleanup that involves throwing away some serious trash like the ratty old couch your husband won’t let go off? Or are you trying to clear your ‘jungle’, which is how your backyard looks right now? Bins over flowing with filth and a couch beside that will get you the stink eye from your neighbours. So, what are you going to do?

It is quite simple actually. Just hire a skip service and you can load up this trash and then some, all at once and get rid of it. In UK, skips are widely popular for the convenience they provide for big cleanups. They give you more space to dispose any kind of rubbish as compared to dumpsters and bins.

Following are thirteen questions you should ask yourself before hiring a skip:

1. Where Can I Find a Skip Hire Service?

Skip services are not booked directly. You can find many skip companies online. These companies give the job to local subcontractors and they are the ones that bring you the skip. This usually costs £20 to £50, depending on how near the skip service is to your house. Skips are extremely high in demand, which is why you should always call in advance so that your skip arrives the next day.

2. What Things Can I Put and Not Put in the Skip?

Anything that is hazardous should not be disposed off through a skip. If you want to dispose of domestic stuff, food, furniture, rubble, soil, metal and wood, then a skip is the right choice for you. Below are some of the common things that you should not put in a skip:

  • Computer screens and TVs
  • Fridges
  • Electrical Equipment
  • Batteries
  • Tyres
  • Gas bottles
  • Paint
  • Clinical waste
  • Asbestos
  • Petrol, diesel, oil
  • Fluorescent Tubes
  • Toxic materials
  • Liquids
  • Solvents

3. What Kind of Skip Should I Hire?

This depends on the rubbish you are trying to dispose of. There are two kinds of skip: roll on and roll off and, traditional.

The traditional skip is lifted by hooks where as a roll on and roll off is rolled on to the truck. Both have great storage capacity and come with close and open lids. Mostly, for domestic cleanup, the traditional skip is used because they come in small sizes and can be moved around easily.

4. Will I Be Able To Hire A Skip Service On A Tight Budget?

Skips come in many sizes, from two to forty yards. The former costs £25 whereas the latter costs £400. There are some services that charge per day or per week while others do not charge at all. Some services also offer unlimited time period to keep the skip.

5. I Need Labour To Load The Skip, What Should I Do?

Skip service does not offer workers for loading the waste. The skip is unloaded on to the ground wherever you desire and is later rolled on or picked up when you have finished with the disposal.

6. What Should I Do To Avoid A Cowboy Skip Service?

A legit skip service carries a ‘waste carrier license’ that can be checked online. You can enter the license number on environment agency website and check its validity. If the license is expired, look for another skip service.

7. Is There A Chance That My Property Will Get Damaged Because of The Skip?

Before there is a chance of this happening, ask the skip service for its public liability insurance. This way, if anything gets damaged you can claim the insurance from them.

8. What If There Is No Place For The Skip On My Property?

If the skip cannot fit in your back or front yard, place it on the pavement, in front your house. You can cover the skip with a tarp so it is not mistaken for a public disposal. Most areas require a permit for the skip to be placed on the pavement so, make sure that you get one from your local council. If you are putting your skip in a parking area, then you will need to get a road permit for it. Both permits cost around £60.

9. What If I Put A Hazardous Item In The Skip?

If, in any way a skip is damaged due to a hazardous item or paint, you will be charged with a penalty according to its severity.

10. What If I Overfill My Skip?

If your skip is overfilled than its recommended weight, the company charges £20 for the extra bin bags.

11. What Are Skip Bags?

These are lightweight and convenient bags, an alternative to metal skips. If you cannot afford a traditional skip, you can order skip bags for disposal of small household waste or DIY renovation projects.

You can also use skip bags to divide your waste material into categories so that it is easier for the skip company to recycle.

12. Does My Skip Need Lights?

In UK, it is mandatory to highlight your skip with lights if it is placed on the road. This is because it needs to be visible for the ongoing traffic to avoid accidents.

13. Where Is The Waste Disposed That I Loaded In the Skip?

It depends on the waste that you have loaded on to the skip. Many companies do their best to recycle 90% of the waste and the rest is disposed in a landfill. Some companies have their own waste facilities while others use third party companies for the disposal.

When you hire a skip, you need to make sure that you do not overload it. While loading the skip on the truck, the excess waste can fall and then you will have a huge cleanup on your hand. Estimate how much waste you will be disposing and then hire a skip. You should ask yourself the above questions and then decide whether you want a skip or not. As for the size, the bigger, the better.

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