Proper commercial waste management is a core requisite of operating a business in today’s society. Not only does every business has to manage their waste appropriately due to moral reasons, but also due to the fact that they are bound by legislation to do so. If a business does not manage their waste appropriately, they risk losing their market credibility and could face substantial penalties for their misallocation of waste.

But there is no doubt that effective waste management is not easy to achieve as there are so many variable factors that come into play including storing waste, cost of transporting waste and the cost of disposing the waste appropriately. However, instead of shouldering this burden, a business can easily hire a skip hire service to solve this dilemma. A skip hire is a waste management service that provides its clients with large bins or skips, they periodically collect these bins and dispose them appropriately at recycling sites or landfills.

How Does A Skip Hire Service Operate?

Currently there are many different skip hire services available in the market today, each one of them has their own rates and have instilled their business persona into their services. Some skip hires cater to residential settings while others specialise in commercial, industrial and construction settings.

These services are offered according to the specifications of the client. This means that the rates are allotted according to the level of services required. So if a business has limited waste that is accumulated in a long time frame then they will be charged with the lowest rate and vice versa for businesses who have large waste that accumulates in a short time frame.

After contacting the skip hire service they will send their representatives to the business location, the representative will analyse the requirements of the business. After analysing the requirements the representative will be able to determine the following factors,

  • Size of skip required
  • Collection time frame
  • Price of service

The skip hire service will then draft a contract stating the terms of the service, once the business signs the dotted line the skip hire service will then start collecting and disposing the businesses waste effectively.

Versatile Benefits Of A Skip Hire Service

There are many different benefits of hiring a skip hire service, these benefits are as follows:

You Fulfil Your Legal Obligation

The first and most profound benefit of using a skip hire service is that the business can greatly benefit from their experience. Due to their line of work these skip hire services are extremely well versed in waste management legislation and commercial compliance laws. Hiring such a service will ensure that the business is operating within the law.

Besides this due to environmental factors the rules that govern waste management are becoming more stringent and adhering to these regulations can be difficult and expensive.  But hiring a skip hire service by virtue negates the business liability as they are outsourcing their waste management to another entity.

You Help The Environment

If a business wants to go green then the first step they can take to achieve this, is by hiring a skip hire service. These services not only transport the waste in a safe and environmentally friendly manner but also recycle the waste. Most skip hire services have a 100% recycle rate and have vast experience in recycling difficult materials such as rubber.

They also constantly strive to create more innovative methods of recycling waste, which at the end of the day will help the society as a whole. Helping the environment will not only improve the public profile of the business but also has the potential of helping the business attract new clients or customers that are conscious about the environment.

You Are Safe From The Law

Many different lucrative businesses have closed shop as they were penalised for not disposing waste appropriately. Not only does the business have to pay the penalty but the news also spreads like wild fire, this will affect the public profile of the business. Most businesses loose a majority of their clients and customers if they are polluting the environment by not allocating waste appropriately.

By hiring a skip hire service the business can declare that they have discharged their duty of care and will not be held liable if the service does not manage the waste appropriately. So instead of risking substantial penalties and public defamation, every business can simply hire a skip hire service to safeguard the future and present interests of the business.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Another versatile benefit of hiring a skip hire service is that it portrays an impeccable corporate social responsibility. This will demonstrate that the business is adhering to its environmental obligations and helping the economy as a whole. Besides this most skip hire services use the profits generated from waste recycling for different charities, so a business can actually help other people by hiring a skip hire service.

It is Cost Effective

At the end of the day this is the deciding factor for most businesses. Of course it is completely understandable that hiring a skip service will increase the overall variable costs of the business and some businesses are barely making any profits due to the costs of operating the business.

However hiring a skip hire service can actually save the business substantial costs, most skip hire services offer their services at cost effective rates. Besides this if a business evaluates the cost of managing waste on their own and compares it to a skip hire service it will be apparent just how cost effective these services are. Besides this the business will not have to dedicate employees or time to managing waste appropriately.

All of these benefits exonerate the fact that just how beneficial hiring a skip hire service can be. Not only will the business save substantial costs but it can actually help them generate more profit by attracting new clients or customers.