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Best National Skip Hire Comparison Platform 2020 & Waste Disposal Services Innovation Excellence Award 2020

There are more than a few hundred skip hire companies across the United Kingdom, and the sheer numbers alone can make it difficult for consumers to find great deals without having to visit multiple sites or call each supplier individually. At Skip Hire Comparison, the firm noticed the need to offer consumers the ability to compare skip hire prices for their local area. Having achieved double-award-winning success, we profile the firm to learn more.

With a veritable bounty of skip hire companies available throughout the United Kingdom, having a way to filter them by a number of different factors is a hugely helpful tool. That was the core belief that founded Skip Hire Comparison, and the firm has since been built to allow consumers to search and compare every supplier of skips in the country on one easy to use website. The two core values that have shaped the success of Skip Hire Comparison are a commitment to innovation and excellence in the waste industry, and a commitment to sustainability and acting in an environmentally friendly manner. Making sure that the waste industry is not left behind in the technology race, Skip Hire Comparison encourages the majority of skip and waste businesses in the United Kingdom to get online and offer online ordering to clients in the modern world. Alongside that, the firm also tries to work with companies that are environmentally friendly.

Skip Hire Comparison functions as a simple and easily manoeuvrable option for clients looking to hire the perfect skip for the job. By collating all the information possible and putting it into one place, users can compare all the skip suppliers in the United Kingdom. The website allows customers to find a large selection of skip sizes, from local and national waste carriers, fast and free from hassle. Skip Hire Comparison also strives to offer its customers and website users the best possible prices from the large network of suppliers. On the back of this experience launching the website and bringing the information together, Skip Hire Comparison is now also looking at offering a payments solution that is tailored specifically to the waste industry. This will aim to save clients time and money in ways that they never have before.

The biggest challenge that Skip Hire Comparison has come across in its years of being active has been in the education of waste carriers. Many of the businesses working in the industry today are not fully aware of the benefits that come from advertising and offering their prices and products online via the Skip Hire Comparison platform can have. A great deal of the suppliers fear that competitors will see their prices and undercut them, but this is rarely the case. Armed with the education that comes from the diligence and determination of the team at Skip Hire Comparison, these clients can now see the benefits as they are getting more orders for their service at no extra cost to themselves.

In fairly surprising circumstances, the recent COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdown across the United Kingdom has actually resulted in an increase of business for the waste industry and for Skip Hire Comparison. With regards to the virus, the firm has seen a massive increase in people looking for skips, as they clear out and complete those DIY jobs that lockdown has afforded them the opportunity to finally finish. However, the industry has not managed to escape the effects of the virus unscathed. Suppliers all over the United Kingdom have battled to keep up with demand due to forced closures and furloughed staff. Running these businesses on skeleton crews has been challenging for them, but a lot of suppliers have adapted quickly to ease the pressure.

Being based in the United Kingdom has had a great many benefits and opportunities for Skip Hire Comparison to get off the ground. Waste is very much an evergreen business. Everyone has waste to get rid of, and being in the United Kingdom meant it was easy for the firm to test its idea due to the high demand for the service, and the established network of suppliers already in place. Using these benefits, Skip Hire Comparison was able to verify its proof of concept, and improve the platform being launching. Having done these steps to such a high standard, the business can begin to look at expansion into other countries around the world and become a household name for suppliers and clients alike, both of whom can benefit from what it has to offer.

Having built itself from the ground up as a start-up in the United Kingdom, the internal culture at Skip Hire Comparison has evolved and adapted since it was first created. Everything is focused around flexibility, and being able to adapt to technological, industrial, and regulatory changes on the fly. The Internet is an ever-evolving thing, and if Skip Hire Comparison fails to keep adapting and innovating, it will soon get left behind. That culture of innovation also lends itself to the belief that no idea is a stupid idea approach. Every member of staff is welcome to share suggestions, and staff are always given the tools required to offer clients the best product and service possible.

Looking ahead to the future, Skip Hire Comparison has plans for some final tweaks and adjustments to the website and platform that will enable it to launch in the United States, Canada, Australia, and South Africa. Whether that launch will be through a local partnership or solo remains to be seen, but the future is bright for Skip Hire Comparison. On top of this, there is also talks ongoing with a few companies about testing a new payment processing product specifically designed for the waste industry. This product is being built to help companies streamline the way that they take payments from clients and hopefully save them money along the way.

Innovators and their innovations change the way, no matter how small the contribution. The entrepreneurial spirit and dedication that has brought Skip Hire Comparison this far, will continue to take it into a bright and successful future, and well beyond. Waste and the entire waste industry is being offered one of the most innovative products on the market, and Skip Hire Comparison deserves all of the accolades before its international success.

Company: Skip Hire Comparison

Contact: Marc Ferguson