Skips clear up unwanted waste that is often left behind after big construction work projects in houses or buildings, or even if you’re just cleaning out your garden or back yard. The waste is then put inside these large skips in bin bags and taken to get recycled or disposed off in landfills. Skip hire services are a great way to keep the environment clean, healthy, and also safe. There are many skip hire sites which will offer you reasonable prices for different sizes of skips. Usually the smaller the skip size, the lesser the price is, and vice versa. Since skip services are a tough job, some companies are quite expensive.

But there are a number of components that influence the cost of a skip hire service. Some of these common factors are firstly, the size of the skip, the duration time that you have hired the skip for, the location you are in within the UK and whether or not you require a skip hire permit. To make sure that you save on skip hire costs, here are some tips that you can use.

Tips To Help You Save Up On Skip Hire Costs

Everyone wants to avail the opportunity of purchasing things at a cheaper cost, even if it is hiring a truck to remove garbage from your home. Here are some ways you can avoid pitfalls and make sure that you avail reduced costs of skip hiring services.

  • Low Costs: If you hire a skip that is too small, you will have to end up paying for two skips. If you get a skip too large, then you will be paying for more than you asked for. Therefore, it is important to keep the size and quantity in mind before hiring a skip.
  • House Clearance Firm: If you need to get waste removed from your house or need to get rid of fireplaces, fittings, ornaments, fixtures and house related items, using a house clearance firm can do majority of that job, leaving you to hire a smaller sized skip, which will cost you less.
  • Get The Discounts: If you are removing hardcore items such as concrete, slabs, stones, bricks, rubble, plaster or soil, you should ask for the discount over mixed waste, which is a bunch of waste mixed all together. When you need to get these items disposed of, you can negotiate with them to place the hardcore items at the bottom of the skip, and the lighter weight items at the top. This can save you on money.
  • Balance the Skip: If the skip becomes too heavy, this will cause them to unload and load again, which will charge you extra money, resulting in higher costs for no reason. To keep the skip balanced, make sure that you tell them to put the heaviest items at the bottom and the lighter weight items at the top, to keep the skip balanced.
  • Don’t Overfill The Skip: Each skip, depending on their size has a level load. Each skip can hold only so much weight that it can fit and not anything extra. Sometimes people like to fill up on top just to get all their items thrown into one skip, so that they don’t have to pay for another one. However, if the skip becomes heavy, the driver will have to stop the skip and unload again, resulting in extra costs.
  • Maximize The Load: Make sure you are clever with the way you maximize your load. You can stack the waste such as wood in a way that there are no gaps left in between. There should be no gaps left in between items that cannot be filled in. This will be a waste of space . If there are pieces of wood that you can saw or break into smaller pieces to make more room, you can do this to maximize your load. Make sure you pack it like a suitcase.
  • Never Place Hazardous Items In The Skip: Make sure you never add in any hazardous items in the skip. If you are unsure what items may be prohibited, check the company’s website or call them beforehand so that you are aware. You cannot hide these items in between either because you will get caught, or they will fine you for not collecting your hazardous items. Some of these hazardous items are:
    – Acids
    – Pressurized Containers
    – Flammable Liquids
    – Fiber Cement
  • Unexpected Costs Can Also Arise: Unexpected costs always appear at some point. If you are hiring a skip and keeping it on your driveway to save on permit costs, the weight of the skip can damage your driveway. This means that when you load the skip with heavy items, it will put the skip under more pressure of weight, which could result in ruining and destroying your entire drive way when the skip will try to move out of the drive way. This will result in more costs for you.

Donate, Sell or Recycle Items before Hiring a Skip

If you plan to hire a skip to get rid of waste and garbage caused by construction work or clearing out your garden or garage or other renovations around the house, you should first decide to recycle, donate or sell items. Deciding to recycle, sell or donate items beforehand will leave you with a smaller amount of items to load onto your skip, that way you will also be able to hire a smaller skip, which will cost you lesser.

There are plenty of ways you can donate, sell and recycle additional items where many local companies will be willing to collect your unwanted waste items.

If you are looking to hire a skip service, you can check our Skip Hire Comparison search facility, where you can find out some of the best prices of skip hiring companies and find the one suitable for you.