8 yard skip

8 Yard Skip Size

8 Yard Skip is also known as a maxi or builder’s skip it’s perfect for bulky items for instance builder’s waste material, household waste, diy project, garden waste and other general waste type. Other skip sizes are available.

8 cubic yards 4′ 0″ 12′ 0″ 5′ 6″
6.1 cubic metres 1.22 metres 3.66 metres 1.67 metres

All dimensions are approximate and the design of the skip may vary. Illustration showing size is not to scale.

8 Yard Skip Price

Our 8 yard skip size is a popular skip and is priced From £160.00 Per Skip

People also ask

How big is an 8 yard skip?

On average an 8 yard skip is 12ft Length x 5.6ft Width x 4ft Height. The sizes can vary from supplier to supplier as they each have their own skip dimensions depending who manufactures their skips.

How many tonnes of soil in a 8 yard skip?

In General you can fit 8 tonnes (8 tons) of soil into an 8 cubic yard skip. Please make sure the skip is not overloaded otherwise the truck may not be able to lift the skip.

How much can you fit in a 8 yard skip?

You can fit up to 80 bin bags into an 8 yard skip. Builder favour this size skip, also know as a “Builders Skip” and  is great for home renovations, landscaping, general waste and construction projects.

How long is the hire for?

The maximum hire period for all skips is 14 days. If you require the skip for a longer period, please get in touch with us to have a look at your options.

Do I require a permit?

Please ensure that all skips are placed on private property. In case there is no private land available and you need to place the skip on a public road, you will require a skip permit at an extra cost enforced by the relevant local authority applied over the hiring cost. Please note that the charge for skip hire permits and their enforcement may vary regionally.

All skip hire permits are to be charged to the customer, and the fee will not be refunded if the road permit is declined by the local authority.

If you need a skip hire permit, please get in touch with us before completing your booking online or refer to our skip hire permit guide for additional information.

Check here for further information for placing your 8 yard skip hire on public land.

When is Delivery and Collection?

The delivery of the skip on the day of hire depends on each suppliers schedule, but is generally between 07:00 and 18:00 PM. It’s not mandatory to be present during the delivery unless you want to supervise the skip’s placement in the correct location.

To ensure a hassle-free delivery and collection process, please make sure that the designated location for the skip is easily accessible for the skip lorry and is clear from obstructions on the collection date.