8 yard skip

8 Yard Skip is also known as a maxi or builder’s skip it’s perfect for larger items for instance builder’s waste material, household waste and other general materials. Other skip sizes are available.

8 cubic yards 4′ 0″ 12′ 0″ 5′ 6″
6.1 cubic metres 1.22 metres 3.66 metres 1.67 metres

All dimensions are approximate and the design of the skip may vary. Illustration showing size is not to scale.

From £160.00 Per Skip

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People also ask

How big is an 8 yard skip?

On average an 8 yard skip is 12ft Length x 5.6ft Width x 4ft Height. The sizes can vary from supplier to supplier as they each have their own skip dimensions depending who manufactures their skips.

How many tonnes of soil in a 8 yard skip?

In General you can fit 8 tonnes (8 tons) of soil into an 8 yard skip. Please make sure the skip is not overloaded otherwise the truck may not be able to lift the skip.

How much can you fit in a 8 yard skip?

You can fit up to 80 bin bags into an 8 yard skip. Builder favour this size skip, also know as a “Builders Skip” and  is great for home renovations, landscaping and construction projects.